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For Ghost Hunts in North-East England, contact one of the Spirit Seekers team. We carry out Paranormal Investigations in Cleveland, Yorkshire, Durham and further afield. So for ghost sightings in the most haunted places contact us.

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spirit seekers teamspirit seekers team

Spirit seekers team have been carefully selected from the best paranormal investigators in the north east of England. Scroll down to view the current team. Email us using the link below alternatively if your wishing to purchase over the phone please contact our call centre on the number below.

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Karl McGahern – ProprietorKarl McGahern – Proprietor

At a very young age I had many paranormal experiences. As i got older and not quite so scared of these experiences i developed an interest in investigating the paranormal. In 2008 i created Spirit seekers which gave me the opportunity to explore the realms of the northeasts most haunted buildings. I have had great success and my favorite venues to date are The Castle Keep (Newcastle) and Chillingham Castle (Alnwick). The latest ghost hunting equipment can make a massive difference but i also love an old fashioned seaunce. I have seen, heard, felt and learned more than i could have imagined and i have met some fascinating people along the way.


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Matt Cole Paranormal Investigator/ ManagerMatt Cole Paranormal Investigator/ Manager

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Callum CairnesCallum Cairnes

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Carl Wilson - Paranormal investigatorCarl Wilson - Paranormal investigator

I first became interested in paranormal investigations while traveling around Australia and visiting a haunted court and tar pits where British convicts were tried and if found guilty thrown in the tar pits. Not only did I hear noises experience a deep feeling of unhappiness but I witnessed a white mist falling into the tar pits. From here I was hooked. I then started attending the investigations with spirit seekers and found them extremely professional and excellent. I attended investigations throughout this year and started researching venues myself. Spirit seekers then offered me the chance to work for them and I snapped it up. My favorite venues are the north east aircraft museum and keilder castle where I have had the most activity and caught the best footage.




Antony Milburn - Paranormal Investigator       Antony Milburn - Paranormal Investigator

I have always been interested in the paranormal and watched the usual programmes we all watch. I got a lot more interested when I was 17 when I had my first experience I could not explain. I was on crutches as the time I went to sleep with the door open and TV on and than I woke up with the crutches up right on there own the TV off and the door closed with a black figure standing next to the bed. After this happened I started reading up on these things I could not explain and finding out more and more about the paranormal. I have being on a few Investigations in the past with Spirit Seekers and some of my favourites are Castle Keep Chillingham Castle and the North East Aircraft Museum. My favourite bit of equipment I use is the EVP recorder although I like using items like candles lights and balls to try something different and contact the other side.