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Yvette and co! In West Yorkshire, the team encounters violent poltergeist activity at The Fleece Inn pubYvette and co! In West Yorkshire, the team encounters violent poltergeist activity at The Fleece Inn pub

fascinating location

We started the evening in the downstairs function room where we used the spirit box to communicate. The name Thomas was given and a lady was heard asking for help, however there was a male who kept interrupting her to prevent her from talking to us. He also took a dislike to the ladies in the group asking questions and called them some rude words. We set up a human pendulum on the dance floor which was the newest part of the building. Here we communicated with a spirit who said he used to live in the pub, he had a little boy spirit with him and they both remained on the ground floor as there was a negetive energy upstairs. We investigated upstairs and customers used the ouija board and spoke to Thomas. Using the sls camera we looked around the whole of pub and found a few stick figures, one that was in the upstairs function area and appeared to be pushing a now boarded up door. One sat on a chair at the top of the stairs and one sat on the bottom step. Perhaps the most interesting one was what appeared in the bar area near the fire, an adult figure appeared with that of a child and as we watched a third figure emerged and ran across the screen to join them before disappearing again. This is a fascinating location and the positive energy from all guests helped the evening along

Fleece Inn (Elland)

The Fleece Inn Elland halifax ghost hunt

Westgate, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 0BB

10pm - 3am 6 places left
Saturday 01/08/2020
£34 per person

Featured on TV’s Most haunted. It dates back to 1610 and was once used as a vicarage. It has a history of murder and is considered one of Britain’s most haunted inns. Violent poltergeist activity has been witnessed with items of furniture and glasses being thrown. People have heard scratching on the walls, constant knocking, old fashioned music, voices and walking on the stairs. Apparitions of a young girl and many dark figures have been seen. It also sits on land known for sightings of a headless horseman.


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