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fantastic night

What a fantastic night at The Haunted Objects Museum in Rotherham. Thanks to all who came! Some paranormal activity we caught were- New batteries being drained from my spirit box TWICE, once as soon as placed in front of a haunted Doll and the other time in the demon room just before an entity appeared on command in the Pentagram. Batteries on this don’t just ‘die’ , You get warning first as the box slows down. Unbelievable. Great Ouija board activity. A gentleman called Ray came through and he was very fond of some vulgar words and spelled out various parts of the human anatomy, admitted to hitting a young boy. Mel Meter alarm went off several times in a room where no one was K2 activity and intelligent responses to questions Amazing 😱

Haunted Objects Museum (Rotherham)

haunted objects museum rotherham ghost hunt

70 Broad St, Rawmarsh, Parkgate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S62 6EQ

10pm - 3am 12 places left
Saturday 06/02/2021
£35 per person

Built in the 1880s it was once the home of a miner that is said to have died in a fire. Following multiple stories of paranormal activity it’s now been turned into a museum displaying some of the world’s most haunted items. Mannequins and dolls have been seen moving on their own. Scratches have been found on the walls and handprints in mirrors. Loud banging can be heard along with groaning sounds, whistling, talking and singing. Items fly off shelves and people have been scratched. Shadowy figures and the image of a woman have been seen. It’s become known to some as the Rotherham poltergeist house or even the Hell house.


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