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Most haunted to Manchester to visit this derelict building that was once home to the Belgian consul. Strange noises, dark shadows and thrown objects are experienced here.Most haunted to Manchester to visit this derelict building that was once home to the Belgian consul. Strange noises, dark shadows and thrown objects are experienced here.

what a interesting place

Hello, Heres a write up from last nights event at Antwerp mansion. This was Spirit Seekers first time attending this venue and what a interesting place it is. We started off as one group in the upstairs ballroom. Laser grid pens were set at the bottom of the stage, a MEL meter in the centre of the room and 2 REM pods placed either end of the bar, customer also placed a PIR light sensor near the stage. We began by calling out. We got a few bangs that seamed to be in reply, but these were debunked as a loose piece of wood covering a broken window and blowing with the wind. The REM pod on the bar closet to the door did react but wouldnt interact with us (eg. Put more lights or or step away to go back and start stop the lights/ sound). We played some ballroom music to encourage activity, we used the spirit box and we asked if there was a spirit in the cellar and were told that we didnt want to go there. We split groups here and I took my group into the cellar and into the butchers room, we set up some trigger objects flashing balls and placed a MEL meter (with REM) in the fire place and one in another basement room. We called out and did hear what sounded like dragging (the other team were on the top floor and we checked to ensure it wasnt them we heard. Use of the spirit box and the names Eve (current owners name), Wendy (customer in the other group) Dave (one of the investigators in the cellar) and Anth (customer) was said several times and seamed to be a lady trying to contact him. One customer Vicky had a k2 and the lights on the device started to light up, it appeared to react to the group laughing. We moved into the other cellar room, a MEL with REM was set up on a chair and another in a corner and we asked out for bangs or whistles to indicate there was a spirit with us. I threw some small stones into the corridor and asked for them to be returned, at this point the REM on the chair started to go off. We asked for the lights to go all the way to red which it did and remained on red, effectively draining the battery (which was brand new and freshly fitted). Once the battery was drained we heard a noise which I thought was light footsteps but customers pointed out it sounded much more like the stones Id thrown earlier. All of us could see a dark shape looking around the bottom of the stairs as if watching us. Here we took a break After the break my group made our way to the upstairs rooms. We went into the area known as the red room. There is a bed in this room and we placed a REM pod on the bed and a k2 meter, the K2 meter was going crazy.. We checked for electrical sources and although there was one it was more than the working radius of the device and when we moved the device closer to the source the lights stopped. We did a human pendulum in this room, a customer Joanne was in the center and a male spirit came through who indicated that Joanne reminded him of a maid he had an affair with and got pregnant. The maid married someone else and the child never knew he was their father. He said he died in the mansion of old age. Joanne agreed to do a lone vigil in this room and try EVP session. We left her and went into the other upstairs room where I had set up the portal. We had the name Alice and Chris who said I lived here through the portal box. There was lots of talking but most of it was difficult to decipher clearly. Joanne returned and we switched off the portal to listen to her EVP. On playing this we could here reply to the questions but whilst definitely something they were not clear. Having reviewed the recording today this is what I found: Hello.. Im Joanne What is your name? -something unclear but sounds like Lexi and footsteps on stairs (I can confirm no one was on the stairs). Im 30 -unclear sound then 6 and a tap Do you mind me being here? -whispering Bang Was that you making that noise? - small tap If it was you can you do it again? -voice (unclear) Are you someone who used to live here? -Beth Are you someone who used to work here? -tap and whistle If you are here can you make a noise? -tap Can you tap on something? -tap and word yeah -another tap and female voices I cant tell if its the wind or something tapping -taps x5 Long breathe/sigh (Joanne) -tap Can you move something? Are you moving the chair Im sitting on (the rocking chair) -tap It feels like its rocking? -huh -tap I dont feel scared so if you want to speak I will listen Are you someone I know or knew? -tap From work? -humming noise In my personal life? If there is anything you want to say? You can say it. If you want to show yourself to me, preferably in a scary way but Are you happy for me to be here? _tap x2 How old are you? Are you a man or woman? When did you die? Are you trapped here? -Tap whisper of trapped here Is there anything you wish to say? You can say it -female voice, get out OK. After this we joined the other group in the main nightclub area. They were doing an ouija session and made contact with a spirit called Bruno who was homosexual and died from taking an over dose of E in 97. We then ended our night back in the cellar, we asked for the lights on the laser grid pen to be turned of, although this did not happen some of the lights were shimmering and moving which could be an indication that something was interfering with them. Thanks to all attendees, everyone was fantastic... A huge well done to Joanne for being so brave and getting one of the best EVPs Ive heard. I hope yo see you all again in the future. Donnađź‘»