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This the video of the wood falling over at Jedburgh castle this past weekend. Warning contains me swearing!This the video of the wood falling over at Jedburgh castle this past weekend. Warning contains me swearing!

Write up for Jedburgh Prison...

Jedburgh Prison was active from the moment we began our investigation and we had a lot of activity throughout the night. As a result, some of the activity that we experienced will not be identified but please feel free to add in the comments column. We began our investigation in one of the cell blocks that is not open to the public. Upon entering the corridors many members of the group felt an oppressive feeling and a feeling of dread. Almost immediately we had spirit contact with a customers torch dimming and turning off on demand. The communication was that intelligent that we could answer many yes and no questions and we were in the company of a male spirit. Throughout the night different torches would respond by dimming and loosing power and then going back on as normal. We separated into twos and each stood in complete darkness in the cells. Within minutes in different cells customers were reporting having their hair stroked, cells suddenly changing temperature (markedly colder), seeing dark shadows and feelings of not being alone and being watched. Two customers saw a dark shadow come into their cell and child like figure curled in the corner of their cell. Customers also saw a child like shadow peeking from inside the cell and disturbances in the laser grid could be seen. Whilst this activity was occurring, a customer got the name Tom for the little boy and customers were reluctant to be in complete darkness. We did spirit box sessions and had intelligent responses and got the names Wallance/Walter, Jim or James and one spirit took a particular dislike to a customer and was calling her a range of unpleasant names and made intelligent responses often using bad language that would not be heard in radio stations. We were also told to get out, go and disappear which were the nicer versions of words that we received later on the spirit box! After a short break we went upstairs in the main building. We sat outside the cell blocks and took part in transfiguration. We could see one customers face change into a lady and then after a gentleman with distinct stubble on his face. Another customer tried and slight changes could be seen but we couldnt work out if this was a man or a woman. Whilst doing transfiguration, we started to hear taps and bangs coming from the cells and the end of the corridor. Shadows were seen and taps and bangs were being received on request. In the later part of the night we tried the spirit board but this was not successful but were disturbed by taps and bangs so we went upstairs and could hear bangs from various cells. The customers requested to do transfiguration again and one customer had two men come through and her face changed back and forth from one man to another. Later another customer also had a man come through. Throughout the night customers had a feeling of dread and were reluctant or unwilling to be left alone. We had continuous activity throughout with bangs, taps, moans and hearing a cat several times. The night and Jedburgh Prison didnt disappoint. I would like to thank my group for all of their contributions to the activities, the laughter and shouting out all helped to make contact with spirit and you were a superb group to work with. We all had a great night and I hope to see you all again in the future! Mel

Jedburgh Prison Castle Museum (Jedburgh)

Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum ghost hunts

Castle Gate, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire TD8 6AS

10pm - 3am 8 places left
Saturday 17/04/2021
£58 per person

Featured on TVs Most haunted. A former 1820s prison built on the site of the 12th century castle and the town gallows. Jedburgh justice was the name given to the brutal executions and torture techniques used here. As a museum sounds of screaming, crying and phantom pipe music has been heard throughout. Thick fog creeps across the floor with strange lights and sightings of a tall man. The cell doors slam and lock by themselves and objects have been thrown at anyone whom has dared to enter. Anyone fancy a lock in?


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