Ship Isis (Sunderland)11
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Ants group ship Isis

First of all we started upstairs in the dinning room, at first we didnt have much happen when we were calling out. We then put a laser grid on and one of the customers caught a great picture of a woman, another caught a picture of a shadow, after this we decided to use a spirit box (PSB11), we were speaking with a spirit called James, we asked how many spirits were here and he said 6 and give us some names of Stephanie, Pete, Michael. We then got no other names, we found out that James was from down South from Lewes which is in Sussex. After break we then headed to the cellar In the cellar we got K2 activity right away and a lot of it, people felt like they were being touched and scared, we then split off into little groups in the cellar and everyone had there own experiences which they can share below if they would like. We then met back up and did a EVP session and you can hear a conversation on the EVP which I thought was great evidence, the K2 activity was wild also. We then put the spirit box on and I got a message I have to pass over to a family member of mine. We also got a few other bits that were interesting, every time we mentioned Mary Ann Cotton the sensor on the wall was going off also which was strange, I hope my group enjoyed there night and hope to see you all again soon Ant